Trade the tick-box approach to psychometrics

Getting the right people in the right roles is critical to gearing people and organisations for success

Our psychometric solutions provide global organisations with a look into what makes people tick, giving them the objective data and insights needed to build confidence and back-up in critical selection decisions.

Our assessments include:


Leadership Insight Questionnaire:
A broad-spectrum personality profile assessing key characteristics related to effective self- and people-leadership


Business Mindset Questionnaire:
A profile measuring an individual’s level of business acumen and commercial orientation


General Reasoning Test:
A measure of cognitive ability measuring verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning required for entry-level business roles


Critical Reasoning Test:
A measure of cognitive ability measuring an individual’s critical verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning of complex information


Sales Success Questionnaire:
A personality profile measuring the traits that typically support strong resilience, problem-solving, and leadership in sales roles


Customer Service & Sales Questionnaire:
A personality profile tailored to examine traits that are shown to predict exemplary customer service and front-line sales performance

Our psychometric solutions support hiring managers and recruitment specialists, giving them a reliable way to consistently predict job performance and organisational fit