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Psychometric Assessments

Getting the right people in the right roles is critical

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The tight labour market and shortage of suitably qualified candidates has made it more important than ever for organisations to make informed hiring decisions.

Our psychometric solutions provide objective data and insights to give you more certainty and confidence in your recruitment process.


A reliable way to consistently predict job performance and organisational fit

Psychometric assessments can:


Give you insights into candidates’ behavioural traits, preferences and capabilities


Help differentiate candidates, particularly where they have similar technical skills and experience


offer some reassurance when you're hiring based on potential rather than experience


provide valuable insights into traits that are impossible to accurately assess based on an applicant’s CV or interview process


inform a successful candidate’s learning and development priorities.

Assessments tailored to role requirements

Our psychometric assessments include:

Leadership Insight

Our broad-spectrum personality profile assesses key characteristics related to effective self- and people-leadership.

Critical Reasoning Test

Get insights into your candidate’s capacity to reason with complex verbal, numerical, and abstract information.

Business Mindset

Measure your candidate’s level of business acumen and commercial orientation.

Sales Success

Our Sales Success assessment measures the traits that typically support strong resilience, problem-solving, and leadership in sales roles.

General Reasoning Test

This cognitive ability test assesses verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning required for entry-level business roles.

Customer Service & Sales

Benchmark the traits that are shown to predict exemplary customer service and front-line sales performance.