Grow your own with InSite

InSite is Added Insight´s bespoke online talent assessment platform that delivers a suite of customisable online tools to help you select and develop talent
InSite is an intuitive and engaging client and candidate experience that provides you with a fully branded talent assessment portal.
You will get in-house access to:
A full suite of psychometric assessments
Aptitude tests
Personality assessments
360º & Teams surveys
Screening tools

How does it work?

Access from anywhere

InSite has been designed to provide access from anywhere in the world and is backed up by our consulting services.

Fully integrated

A seamless addition to your selection process,  InSite is fully integrated with recruitment software and applicant tracking systems such as Oracle, Livehire, etc.

Robust & simple

Our robust tools are based on the latest psychological literature. They are developed & validated by organisational psychologists and independent experts.

Predict performance

The InSite tools are proven to predict performance, with candidates who score in the top 33% in InSite psychometric assessments being the highest performers and the quickest to get up to speed in a new role.


• Engaging, interactive and personalised candidate experience
• Powerful processing ability, saving time and money
• Spend time where it matters. Reduce your recruitment time and costs
• An intuitive, user friendly interface
• User friendly design and layout, making it quick and easy to launch assessments and access results