Winning the war for talent series

Over the last year, there has been an escalation in the 'War for Talent' - creating a huge demand for skilled workers, and a shortage of candidates all over the world.

Join our very own Fiona Hancock & Mark Hutchinson from Divergent & co for our Winning the war for talent series!

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Fiona Hancock

Director, Added Insight

Fiona Hancock  is a Registered Organisational Psychologist and OD specialist with over 20 years experience and expertise in integrated talent strategy, leadership capability development, talent assessment, and high performing teams.

Mark Hutchinson

Director, Divergent & Co

Mark Hutchinson has over 20 years experience in leadership consulting and organisational development and is a trained clinical psychologist.


Episode #1
Winning the war for talent
In this hot episode, we will go over the top priorities listed below:

- What’s driving key leaders to changing jobs in record numbers
- What are the key factors to watch out internally to prevent a high number of resignations
Episode #2
Identify & retain your key people
Grab a warm cup of coffee or tea and join us for our second episode. n this episode, we will take a look at how to identify key potential across your organisation and the importance on measuring potential and performance.
Episode #3
Have better talent conversations
Having robust talent conversations are a key part for identifying & retaining key people. During this episode, we will be sharing why organisations need to have these conversation, and how to answer "so what’s next" question after your talent conversation is complete.
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Winning the war for talent
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