Create a strong feedback culture with 360º surveys

360° surveys provide real insights to inspire action and focus development, helping individuals achieve genuine behaviour change
Feedback from a range of colleagues helps leaders understand how they are perceived by others and spot differences between their intention and their impact

The 360º assessments are designed for:




How does it work?

Step #01

Participants will be asked to select the group of people they want to “rate” their capabilities.

Step #02

Raters will then be invited to participate in their 360º survey with an email and a link.

Step #03

Participants complete a self-assessment while their raters complete their 360º survey… all online.

Step #04

The survey will close and Added Insight will create a confidential report.

Step #05

Participants will be sent their 360º report and be contacted by a registered organisational psychologist who will take them through an in-depth, confidential debrief of their results.

Step #06

Participants are then encouraged to share their results with their line manager and identify their key goals to work on over the next 6-12 months.


• Identify differences between intention and impact
• Identify strengths and development needs
• Raise self-awareness
• A catalyst for personal action planning and goal setting