Powerful psychometric tools for exceptional recruitment outcomes.

We'll work with you to define what drives success in your organisation. Then we'll customise the very best psychometric tests and aptitude testing tools to predict not just how individual candidates will perform, but how well they'll fit in, too.

Our range of psychometric assessment tools are proven to improve recruitment outcomes. We can help you identify high performing candidates, while providing a consistent and legally defensible recruitment and selection process. Our clients report significantly improved recruitment outcomes and reduced recruitment costs.

Employ the right people and reduce your recruitment costs with proven tools for:

You'll enjoy exceptional candidate care, consistently fast turnaround time, and the most robust assessment tools available for a measurable improvement in your recruitment and selection outcomes.

Looking after you and your candidates

When you work with Added Insight, you are entrusting your recruitment brand to us. Our exceptional candidate care safeguards your brand and increases the accuracy of assessment results.

We respect every candidate as unique and potentially valuable for your business. Qualified consultants supervise all candidates completing online reasoning assessments, either face to face or remotely through Skype. This provides on-the-spot feedback for candidates and potential for greater insight into candidates.

Our care ensures that candidates understand the process, guarantees the integrity of the responses and provides a positive experience of your brand.

Fast turnaround with a personal touch

Fast decision making is a necessity to keep the best candidates engaged in your recruitment process. We deliver our candidate assessment reports and analysis to you within 24 hours of psychometric test completion, with an average 2.5 day turnaround from initial assessment request to reporting.

Exceptional Tools and Customised Solutions

Added Insight offers you the most extensive range of accurate, robust and innovative candidate assessment tools available. Our assessments are based on cutting edge research and extensive field learning to predict behaviour in local and international markets.

Our team of organisational psychologists love the challenge of developing new metrics for tailored assessment solutions. Tools are carefully calibrated to each organisation's culture and role requirements. We are constantly improving all our assessments to meet the changing needs of business.

Access is easy with InSite, our online delivery platform. Fully customisable to reflect your measurement, branding and culture requirements, InSite seamlessly integrates our assessments into your recruitment process. Ask us for a free trial access to InSite today.

Advanced High Volume Screening

Reduce or eliminate the need for manual CV screening. Added Insight's customised high volume screening tools quickly create a shortlist of the most suitable candidates, saving you the frustration of manual screening, while saving your business time and money.

We work with you to understand your organisation and role requirements, then customise your online screening tool to assess candidates based on proven, relevant predictors of high performance.

You'll know which candidates rank highest for:

  • Relevant work experience, work availability and motivators
  • Reasoning and problem solving potential, including verbal, numerical or abstract reasoning as required for the role
  • How the candidate would react in job-relevant situations
  • Role critical personality traits

Candidate screening assessments and real time responses can be accessed through InSite, our online platform. Available to candidates from anywhere in the world, InSite is fully customisable to your organisation's requirements, brand, and culture and works seamlessly with your recruitment software.

You'll get an objective and differentiated list of shortlist applicants, fewer selection errors, and dramatically reduced time and costs for candidate screening.

To ensure that your shortlists capture the candidates with the highest potential, every time, make Added Insight candidate screening part of your seamless recruitment process.

You're welcome to ask any questions you have about our assessment tools and processes. Ask us about the results we've achieved for other clients. Let us explain how we can work alongside you to add value and improve the ROI of your recruitment processes.

To find out more about assessment tools to revolutionise your recruitment process, give the team a call.