Psychometric Assessments that Reflect Your Organisation's Culture and Language

Added Insight has been successfully creating industry leading psychometric assessment tools for clients since 2009, including leading New Zealand and multi-national companies Vodafone, The Warehouse, Fonterra, and Fletcher Building.

Our suite of psychometric tests are contemporary, robust, well researched and, most of all, proven again and again to predict on-the-job performance and leadership potential.

Our tests provide fair and detailed assessments. They reduce the bias inherent in the interview and development processes by obtaining information on a person's potential in your organisation, not just their achievements to date.

As one of our clients you'll work with our experienced consultants to get a clear understanding of your unique needs and customise an assessment suite to support your business goals. Your organisation will enjoy:

Improved recruitment, selection and development decisions

More accurate identification of leadership potential

Reliable development of high performing teams

The language in all your assessment tools and reports will fully reflect your brand identity and culture to support widespread organisational change, across all levels of your organisation.

If you want accurate insights to achieve high performance, contact us today or be inspired by these case studies on how our clients have used psychometric assessments for measurable impact on their recruitment, selection and leadership development.

Contemporary and Robust Assessments

If you want to identify candidates and employees with the highest potential for success, psychometric assessments can deliver objective insight.  Whether for sales, service or leadership, our psychometric assessments are proven to predict performance, spot leadership potential, and pinpoint development opportunities.

Our organisational psychologists are qualified to deliver a full range of psychometric assessments, including ability / reasoning tests and personality assessments.

We will work with you to select the best psychometric assessment tools to:

Gain objective information on an individual's potential

Accurately predict job performance for candidates and current staff

Identify managers with leadership potential for management development

Gain insight into an individual's motivational fit for a job and your organisation

Enhance your hiring decisions.

If you want confidence in your decisions, with assessments that reflect and enhance your organisation, make our psychometric assessments an integral part of your recruitment and development processes. Contact us today.

Aptitude Testing

Ensure that your candidates and employees have the right skill set with Added Insight's aptitude testing.

Our InSite platform hosts a variety of ability measures including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement and problem solving for smooth delivery to your candidates and employees, while allowing you real time access to results.

Contact us today to discuss how aptitude testing can improve job fit in your organisation.

Personality Profiling

Personality testing has wide ranging application in today's evolving business environment.

With valid and well executed personality assessments, you can make more robust hiring decisions, support individual employee performance, and improve the return on investment in team building and management development.

Personality assessments can be used to evaluate:

How individuals are likely to behave on the job, cope under stress or pressure, and how well they will fit your organisational culture

An individual's interpersonal style and motivational fit for the role and your organisation

Team and individual strengths and development needs.

At Added Insight, we only use personality profiling techniques that are backed by solid psychological research. Our consultants are experienced in implementing a range of techniques from broad personality assessments through to very specialised Sales Success, Retail, Contact Centre, and Leadership profiles.

We're proud of the value that our psychometric assessments have delivered to our clients. If you want to ensure your assessments are delivering value talk to us today.