Identifying Leadership Potential for Effective Professional Development

Added Insight are experts in identifying leadership strengths and development opportunities. You'l get superior professional development results using our innovative 360° surveys and team effectiveness assessments - robust, reliable and innovative development assessments delivered by qualified organisational psychologists.

Our professional development tools are based on years of extensive field learning and research tailored to accurately identify talent and pinpoint opportunities for individual, leadership and team development.

Added Insight's skilled consultants apply expertise and years of experience to address your specific leadership development needs:

Establishing the most appropriate measures to identify and develop leadership potential and benchstrength in your organisation

Working with your team to implement the assessment programme successfully

Providing objective analysis of results and recommendations for action.

Your business performance will quickly reflect the benefit of a proven programme to develop leadership potential. We can help you identify your brightest stars and maximise the potential of every team member from the shop floor to the executive suite.

If you want to maximise the ROI on your professional development investment, talk to us first  we'll make sure that your professional development decisions and development assessments are on target.


360° Surveys

Added Insight are industry leaders in developing effective, results-driven 360° feedback surveys for effective professional development.

Our 180° and 360° leadership surveys are based on the latest research and our broad experience as organisational psychologists. We can deliver deeper insights into individual and leadership performance and professional development needs at every level of your organisation.

If you want to maximise the ROI for your talent development, find out more about how Added Insight's 180° and 360° surveys can direct your professional development programme.

Developing High Performing Teams

Create powerful, high performing teams with our exclusive Team Insight Survey. This survey is based on extensive research into high performing teams and teamwork, from the frontline to the executive suite, in a broad range of local and international organisations.

The Team Insight Survey gives an objective assessment of your teams strengths and weaknesses and how they are seen across the organisation.

Your Added Insight consultant will analyse your team evaluation, bringing their expertise and objective insight to your team assessment results. You can use these results to deliver significant improvements in team performance by stimulating critical team discussion, goal setting and targeted team development.

Talk to the team today about how to create high performing teams in your organisation.

How Strong are your Organisational Values?

Our Organisational Values Survey was developed because values are critical to organisational performance and success.

This innovative survey measures the alignment of individual behaviours to your organisational values. You can use it to assess the values demonstrated through individual behaviour and attitudes, and measure how well your people and leaders support your organisation's values.

Values alignment has wide ranging implications for many clients - providing meaningful insight that can drive cultural change, and pinpointing areas for individual improvement.

To find out how organisational values are demonstrated within your business, schedule an organisational values survey today.  Contact us to find out how.

Tailored Surveys for Professional Development

Experience shows that by focussing on the behaviours that are most relevant to your changing business you will get the most out of your 360° Survey and team assessments.

Our organisational psychologists can work with you to tailor surveys for organisational-specific assessment and team development. The results will allow you to customise your leadership and professional development planning to the specific needs of your business.

We are experts in developing and continually improving assessment tools for talent development.

Examples of our validated surveys:

Predicting Sales Performance

Now you can identify high potential sales people and plan their leadership development. Our innovative and insightful Sales Success Survey measures behaviours that are proven to predict performance in the sales environment:

Competitive and Persuasive
Solution Seekers
Driven to achieve sales
Flexible in their approach to creating solutions
Confident and resilient

Contact Added Insight today to learn how to recruit and design professional development pathways for strong sales performers who improve your bottom line.

Professional Development for Retailers

Our Retail Insight Survey measures behaviours that are proven to predict performance in the retail environment, including customer service and retail sales performance. Utilising a range of assessment tools, including a highly relevant and insightful retail-specific 360° survey, the Retail Insight Survey allows you to identify your leaders and plan their ongoing professional development.

Personality Profiling

Personality profiles can give deeper insight into the behaviours measured by a 360° survey. Combining 360° survey results with individual personality profiling provides insight into why leaders behave as they do, highlighting preferences and ways of thinking, and predicting likely behaviours. This supports increased self-awareness and provides insight for promotion and future professional development.

Other Assessments and Services for Professional Development

As our client, you can be sure we will always recommend the most relevant tool for your specific needs.  We have an extensive database of assessment tools and services to match to your requirements including:

  • Assessment Centres
  • Assessor training
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for teams and individuals
  • Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) thinking preference assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment
  • Executive Feedback Coaching

Trust the experts to bring the most powerful results to your business. Speak to Added Insight about streamlining your professional development planning process, today.