Recruitment software made simple

Thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our clients’ recruitment, selection and professional development requirements now and into the future, Added Insight’s InSite online assessment platform delivers flexibility and efficiency to employers and recruitment agencies worldwide.

This pioneering cloud-based system allows your candidates and employees access to a wide variety of specialist and customised psychometric assessments, aptitude tests, personality tests, and 360 feedback surveys, from anywhere in the world, backed up by our dedicated personal support.

The online assessment platform can be fully integrated with recruitment software including Oracle Talent Management Cloud and SnapHire. You can be assured of seamless end-to-end integration for complete peace of mind.

We seek constant improvement in the assessment tools we offer through InSite and in the development of the platform itself, to ensure you continue to enjoy user-friendly access to the best research tools available.

Our unique InSite platform provides you with:

Access to industry leading, customisable psychometric assessment tools, 360 surveys, and specialist assessments, researched and developed by our organisational psychologists

International reach with all assessments, including personality and reasoning assessments, able to be completed from any location worldwide

Powerful processing ability through InSite, saving time and cost in completing and evaluating large numbers of assessments

Significant reductions in recruitment time and cost and time to competence for new hires

Robust and well supported technology that can seamlessly integrate with your in-house applicant tracking systems

Automated updates included in the license fee.

Get a simple, robust solution for your recruitment and development.  Contact us today for immediate trial access to InSite and discover for yourself how this online platform will revolutionise your assessment processes.

User Friendly Design

Our Insite platform has a user friendly design and layout, making it quick and easy to initiate assessments and access results.

Customised Branding

The Insite platform can be customised to your organisation’s branding, using colours, logos and images for enhanced candidate engagement and employment branding.

Clear, Easy to Use Candidate Interface

Assessments are straightforward for candidates to access and complete. Our assessments are compatible with mobile devices supporting quick and efficient assessment completion.

Ranked Results

Our high volume screening tool provides ranked and stacked results to clearly present the most suitable candidates for your role.