Psychometric Assessment Tools for recruitment agency specialists

Added Insight’s powerful suite of online assessments for recruitment and selection are proven to deliver excellence in candidate selection, from the CV screening stage through to shortlist and final selection.

For recruitment agencies and their clients these online assessments have had a proven impact on both recruitment cost and appointment quality. Overall, candidates who scored in the top 33% on Added Insight’s recruitment assessments received the highest performance score ratings after employment for current clients.

Added Insight’s proprietary assessment tools are available through the InSite platform to recruitment agencies seeking fully customisable recruitment software for candidate assessment online.

The benefits of the Added Insight psychometric testing tools for recruitment agencies include:

Robust tools proven to predict candidate suitability

High volume candidate screening, based on specific, position-relevant criteria

Fully supervised remote or in-house assessments available worldwide, as well as unsupervised assessments

Fast turnaround, with tailored assessment reports within 24 hours of psychometric test completion and an average 2.5 day turnaround from initial assessment request to reporting.

Adaptability of the in-site platform to reflect Recruitment Agency or client branding, language, and culture.

To discuss how the InSite platform can be integrated into your recruitment agency processes and add value to your recruitment service, please call for a confidential conversation with our director, Fiona Hancock. We can arrange for a free trial of InSite to demonstrate how the user-friendly technology can add value and reduce costs for your clients.