360° surveys for powerful results.

Every 360° survey is an opportunity to add value to individuals, their teams and their employers.

At their best, 360° surveys are an unparalleled opportunity for leaders to receive feedback from a range of people and to get a balanced overview of their strengths and development needs relative to role skills.

Added Insight’s smart and insightful 360° feedback surveys are customised to your organisation’s competency framework to accelerate the pace of career development and support development that is targeted to an individual’s needs.

When you work with Added Insight, you’re working with the recognised industry leader “ the team at Added Insight have supported thousands of leaders through 180° and 360° survey evaluation and feedback.

What makes Added Insight 360° surveys special?

Our 360° surveys address the specific needs of today’s business environment. We deliver the most relevant, powerful 360° surveys you can imagine.

With Added Insight, you will get 360° feedback surveys that are kept at the cutting edge of research and development and are 100% reflective of your organisation. Our organisational psychologists listen closely to what your organisation is trying to achieve, and recommend options that will add the most value for you and your staff.

Whether your focus is leadership development, team effectiveness, or sales and service, Added Insight’s proprietary 360° feedback surveys are the best.

As an Added Insight client, you can be assured of our commitment to exceptional service, making the 360° process smooth and enjoyable.

Comprehensive information and guidance on how to get the most out of your 360° surveys.

360° survey best practice guidelines for ensuring a positive 360° feedback culture within your organisation.

Personal guidance for participants ensuring confidence in the process and anonymity of responses for increased validity of the results.

Tools and resources to streamline the co-ordination and administration of 360° survey projects.

Advice for individual participants on how to maximise the benefits of their 360° feedback survey results.

360° feedback from an Added Insight psychologist or training for your internal HR team on how to evaluate the 360° feedback surveys.

Our InSite platform can deliver your 360° feedback survey completely in-house or you can outsource some or all of your 360° survey implementation, management, and analysis to our experienced consultants.

For complete confidence in your 360° feedback program, you can rely on Added Insights expertise. Contact The Team for specialist advice today.