Client Need

Warehouse Stationery wanted to both streamline their recruitment process for waged store team member roles as well as have an objective and consistent measure for rank ordering their many applicants in terms of suitability. They were looking for a way to reduce the amount of time spent on screening candidates, as well as increase the robustness of their decision making for selection.

What we did

In consultation with Warehouse Stationery, Added Insight developed application and screening questions in line with the criteria of the team member roles. Working with WSL’s recruitment platform, SnapHire, Added Insight adapted the questionnaire into the recruitment platform’s format, allowing easy deployment to new job listings.

The Result

Warehouse Stationery’s revised online application/screening tool has reduced the time that the recruiters need to spend on each candidate. The screening tool has differentiated the strong candidates from the unsuitable candidates in line with expectations. Going forward, as candidate information builds up, Warehouse Stationery have the foundation of an extensive, full life-cycle validity study.

Project Details