Client Need

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) were looking for a customized high volume screening tool to identify prospective customer service representatives best aligned to high performance in their contact centre roles. They wanted a streamlined online questionnaire that was tailored to their specific needs.

What we did

Added Insight tailored our contact centre screening tool to Vodafone Hutchison Australia’s specific needs, incorporating biodata, situational judgement, and verbal, numeric, and abstract reasoning questions. The resulting ranked report clearly demonstrates the candidate’s best aligned to performance in VHA’s contact centre.

The Result

The result was a valid and tailored instrument that the client could confidently use for selecting future high performers. The screening tool is easy to use, cost effective, and relevant for assessing customer and sales oriented employees. The screening tool has revolutionised their selection process, reducing the need for CV review and therefore the cost associated with recruiters time, and ensuring an objective and consistent evaluation of candidates. Added Insight’s In-site platform is fully integrated with Taleo, VHA’s applicant tracking system (ATS), supporting a streamlined selection process to identify high performers.

Project Details