Client Need

One of Added Insight’s key clients is The Warehouse Group. As well as high volume screening, in-depth psychometric assessment, and 360 surveys The Warehouse also use Added Insight’s Team Effectiveness Survey as a regular component of their Advanced Management Programme.

What We Did

Added Insight conducted extensive research into the effectiveness of teams and what makes a successful team. We also worked closely with The Warehouse to identify what a strong performer and what a strong performing team looks like in their organization. With a comprehensive knowledge of their leadership and team frameworks gained from conducting hundreds of psychometric assessments for selection, we developed the Team Effectiveness Survey framework to make it highly relevant to what they were trying to achieve.

The Result

Added Insight created a robust, insightful tool customised to The Warehouse which provided valuable opportunities for leaders to create more cohesive, strong performing teams, and improve overall organisational culture. Our client is very happy with the tool and have continued to use it as an on-going component of their Advanced Management Programme.

Project Details