Client Need

The Warehouse needed a preferred psychometrics supplier to deliver cost effective yet robust assessments across their support office, Store Manager, and Assistant Store Manager roles. The assessments needed to be administered to candidates across NZ and globally with quick turnaround.
Added Insight has supplied psychometric services to The Warehouse since 2005. Throughout that time Added Insight has continuously evaluated the effectiveness of our services and has provided on-going improvements and innovations to ensure we meet their requirements in a changing and evolving business environment. The services Added Insight has provided to The Warehouse Group include:

  • High volume screening tool for frontline, retail staff
  • Tailored, in-depth psychometric assessments for leadership, specialist and team member roles.
  • Tailored psychometric reports for a Graduate Development Programme, mapping psychometric tools not only to the organisational framework but also to graduate potential indicators.
  • A combination of psychometric tools to ensure the best possible insight and evaluation of candidate suitability.
  • Continuous improvement of our services including multiple developments and updates to our report formats, the development of organisation specific norm groups, the introduction of Remote Supervised Testing, and detailed mapping of psychometric tools to the organisational competency framework.

Throughout our working relationship with this client, the quality and value provided by Added Insight has been formally recognised by multiple nominations for their Supplier of the Year Awards. Added Insight was nominated in 2012 for Innovator of the Year and Business Service Partner of the Year!

Project Details