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aiaboutAt Added Insight we are on a mission to help companies like yours recruit the best talent and develop the people you already have to their maximum potential. Since 2005, we’ve been using our expertise in organisational psychology and professional development to produce the best possible assessment tools, for clients like Vodafone, The Warehouse, Fonterra and Fletcher Building.

We work closely with every client to apply these proven tools to your specific recruitment, selection and talent development needs. As experts in how people operate, we know your organisational culture is significant and unique, so we factor that into every deployment too.

Our expert team works with clients in New Zealand and globally, bringing them innovative and reliable methods for identifying and developing talent. Specific services include online psychometric testing, 360 degree reviews, and wrap-around recruitment assessment and development services.

With Added Insight you’ll be getting bright people with bright ideas, delivering proven assessment tools and reliable results for your business. We respect the uniqueness of every candidate and client, and believe this is the key to the success our tools and support deliver.


Added Insight was founded in 2005. As one of the first agencies in New Zealand to recognise the power of online assessment tools for candidate screening and selection, we rapidly developed a reputation for innovative and robust research-lead assessment solutions to deliver positive results for clients.

The launch of Added Insight’s online platform, InSite, was pioneering in New Zealand, giving clients a customisable platform of online tools that predict superior job performance, identify and measure talent quickly and accurately, and create cost efficiencies for recruitment.

Our commitment to our clients led us to expand our recruitment and development services, our team and the InSite platform to include talent development, leadership training tools and 360° reviews.

Today, Added Insight is firmly established as a market innovator, with an ongoing commitment to research and development of solutions that actually work for our clients.

We work with clients globally including Fonterra, The Warehouse, and Vodafone.

From New Zealand to the world

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At Added Insight, all of our measurement tools, metrics, and assessment programmes are based on rigorous research and testing. Our qualified organisational psychologists have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of best practice, and we utilise the latest academic and practitioner research to ensure we model the most accurate predictors of performance. This is combined with our industry experience to ensure our assessment tools are at the forefront of what is needed for businesses today.

We lead the sector in developing online technology for remote supervised psychometric testing in New Zealand and Australia. Our technology is continuously improved and upgraded to ensure it remains the most relevant to today’s operating environment.

Our extensive field learning and contemporary research extends across all areas of our practice, from psychometric testing to 360 degree reviews and in-house coaching.